Impressions of Deniz N. Ungan about Yerevan Journey!

Ararat view from Yerevan, 2011

 There are so many words that i could say about  Yerevan days.  I feel that I’m so  lucky  to be able to work with  this team .

 First ,there was a sharp and cold weather in Yerevan, when we have been to airport. But then we met with  Yerevan team and  we forgot all of things about cold.  Because they were very friendly and kind.

 We stayed in Best Western Congress Hotel, all the foods that  we taste and culture  that  we’ve been were very interesting and nice.

We learned  so many things about Yerevan’s history, culture and nature. The mountain Ararat is very big and important natural wonder.  You could see Ararat in everywhere of  the city.  Matedanaran Museum imperessed  me very much with different languages of Armenian  and typographic alphabets.

 Matenadaran is  very special historical place  and it has got very pretty culture.

 We prepared “  PechaKucha Night Yerevan – İstanbul: Close Creative Encounters” in 8th of November  at  “The Club”

 The partipicants from İstanbul and Yerevan  had very nice presentations about architecture, music, comedy, tourism and the other things.

 Final show was waiting us at the end of the night. Can from İstanbul and Boghos from Yerevan presented “Flavors of Borders!

 They were singing a song that called the name  “ La Donna Mobile” .

 It was so funny and  very good!

 After the final presentation , I’ve never forget foods that prepared by Boghos. He is very good chef, really!

 It was an unforgettable event and organization with all of team on the Yerevan stage.

 And  so many many thanks İstanbul and Yerevan team. They were amazing!

 Hope to see you all in other events and organizations with together!

 Deniz N.  Ungan, 2011


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